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Report a Claim

We want to make claims reporting as easy as possible because a claim can be a stressful and traumatic experience.All claims are handled directly by your account manager. You may call them at our toll-free number 800-548-1494.

In case of an after-hours emergency most companies provide a 24-hour claims reporting number.This number can be found below.

NOTE:All workers compensation claims need to be handled directly by the company. Please do not submit any work comp claim information to our office. If you need assistance on who to contact, please call your account manager.

For After Hours Claims Service

American Management Corp. Phone: 866-892-1978
Berkley Agribusiness Risk Specialists Phone: 866-382-7314
Fax: 866-342-0630
EMC Insurance Companies of MN Phone: 800-362-4670
Energi Insurance Services Phone: 888-252-4650
Nationwide Agribusiness/Farmland Phone: 800-228-6700
Fax: 800-842-1482
The Penn Millers Group Phone: 800-233-8347
Fax: 570-822-2165
The Triangle Companies Phone: 866-894-5020
Fax: 580-233-6037